Asociación cultural La Madre Monte

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation projects

Cultural operator: Asociación cultural La Madre Monte

Short description

Activating rural areas with arts and social arts.

We are working in Tenerife Island, the Canary Islands (Spain)

Contact details

Fidel Darias e Irene Sanfiel




Priorities: Audience development, capacity building (research and training) and cultural mobility.

Fields: sustainable arts, contemporary arts (live arts), environmental arts, community arts and cultural mediation.


We would like to participate as partners in any project related to sustainable and contemporary arts and the development of rural and isolated areas, by activating new art and cultural spaces and engaging local communities. We usually work with educational institutions (students aging from6 to18), local authorities , local communities -representing the whole variety of audiences including underrepresented groups and intergenerational dialogues. Our work team has around 10 years experience in cultural mediation. We have also worked in international projects. We can offer cultural spaces within our island for artistic residencies, meetings and other cultural activities.

Partners searched

Countries: Any eligible countries


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