“Georgian Design & Artists” Association

Constanta, Romania

Culture Sub-programme

Strand/category of the Culture Sub-programme

Culture (cooperation projects)

Deadline of the strand: December 2018

Deadline for confirming your interest in this partnership: -

Cultural operator(s): Asociatia “Georgian Design & Artistii” / “Georgian Design & Artists” Association

Short description: Established in 2017, the cultural association "Georgian Design & Artistii" aims to collaborate with organizations from other countries in order to promote Romanian artists in the field of music and theater. The association currently holds a portfolio of 10 artists and actors who act as honorary members within the organization. Also, our association organize drawing and graphics study courses and exhibitions for young people with disabilities from Romania. We would like to take part as partners in the next call for proposals for European Cooperation Projects.

Contact details: RADOI CONSTANTA



https://www.facebook.com/pg/Asociatia-Georgian-Design- Artistii-1962940720585266/about/?ref=page_internal


Field(s): Music, Theater, Cultural activities involving young people with disabilities

Description: We seek international partners for a joint project under the Creative Europe Program, involving the presentation of music performances and theater plays. We are interested in organizing cultural activities for people with disabilities. Also, we would like to organize music shows for people with disabilities from Romania and other countries with a charitable purpose.

Countries: All eligible countries

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