International Folk Dance Festival JOC


Creative Europe - Culture Sub-programme:

Strand/category of the Culture Sub-programme: European Cooperation Projects

Deadline of the strand: 27 November 2019

Deadline for confirming your interest in this partnership: 27 November 2019

Cultural operator: International Folk Dance Festival JOC

Short description

International Folk Dance Festival JOC, is an international Event with the scope to strengthen the communities of popular professional dances focused on folklore, which reflects the traditions and culture. Traditions are reflected through customs or cultural aspect such as dance,costume, music, theatrical element, but the main element will be dance. We are interested to give the opportunities for more changes of experience and we have to enrich the knowledge of European countries and not only, about diversity and the huge continental folklore heritage.

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Fields: Dance, performance, cultural heritage, theather performance


We are looking for folk dance colectives to participate at that project, as a partner

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Countries: All countries


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