Serbian Literary Society

Republic of Serbia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: European cooperation projects

Deadline: 27/11/19

Cultural operator: Serbian Literary Society

Short description

The Serbian Literary Society is an independent association of writers, established on a professional basis in order to preserve the artistic and ethical values and material interests of the profession.

Contact details

Serbian Literary Society Dejan Simonovic, Secretary


Fields: In-depth research of reading / non-reading


The project includes in-depth research of reading / non-reading that aims to discover reasons why do people read or do not read and to set a strategy for widening of literary audience and deepening of its reading experience. The research would not be limited to overviewing current condition but it would also include the motives of reading or non-reading, problems and reluctance, but also chances for extensive and quality reading.

The research would be conducted among those that are involved with literature in any way (authors, publisher, book-sellers, librarians, literary event organizers, cultural journalists, teachers, relevant authorities both state and local), and among general population of all ages and all educational profiles. With more attention to children and teenagers (that are just acquiring or not their reading habits) and their parents, and pensioners (who have a lot of time to read).

Special attention would be given to internet as, for younger audience, the most important medium, and to portable electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones, e-book readers.

The research would be conducted in two phases:

  1. Conversations with subjects during which the most important and most vulnerable problems would be settled. The conversations would be recorded and the most interesting ones would be posted on the internet.
  2. Survey that would be conducted among representative sample of general population. The research would be conducted in countries that participate in the project.

The results and the analysis of the research (separately for each participating country, and comparatively), with recommendation for further action, would be published in trilingual publication, both in printed and in electronic form.

The project would have its own trilingual web site. A conference dedicated to the results of the research would be organized also. This type of research would contribute to understanding not only of where we are today but what and how we could achieve something better. That would be the basis for contrived and effective action.

Looking for Partners

Countries: Any participating country


Non-governmental organization, operating in culture

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