Higher Education College of Art and Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

León, Spain

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Support for European Cooperation projects (Category 1- Smaller scale cooperation projects)

Deadline: 27 /11/2019 

Cultural operator: “Higher Education College of Art and Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property” León, Spain

”Escuela de Arte y Superior de Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales de León”, Spain

Short description

Our Higher Education Arts Colleg is a public institution that holds different learning Arts programs (Stained-glass windows, Engraving, Textile art and Conservation & Restoration of Cultural Heritage , Painting), located at a Northern city of Spain and held at the Regional Government’s Education Department.

Contact details

Cristina Ibáñez 

e-mail : mcidescueladearte@gmail.com

tel + 34987245999


Fields: Mainly Textile Arts, but also other cultural and creative fields such as Fine Arts, Applied Arts and Cultural Heritage


We would like to participate as a partner in any project within the above mentioned fields and related to sustainable artistic creation (ie. using recycled materials and developing art installations and performances), with a strong educational focus for young/new professionals and teachers in the cultural field.

Moreover, we are very interested in participating in activities to discuss over artistic education and artistic creation as part of sustainable processes.

For more than a year we have been working on a pilot project (artistic creation with recycled textile materials) involving our teachers and students, and would like to build on this dynamic through new innovative projects, on whether textile artistic creation or intesdisciplinar projects.

As an official Center for Artistic Education and Training with over

thirty-five years experience, our institution is the ideal place to acquire specialized and quality artistic training. Our team of teachers is made up of teaching professionals and specialists who not only provide all their knowledge to students, but are also able to convey and share their experience and professional advice.

We live in times of change and new challenges in which we have the responsibility of forming generations of creative and well-trained professionals who know how to respond to the demands of the professional world.

We would like to continue consolidating our training programme, where both theoretical and practical training create a whole, when it comes to understanding teaching, since only in this way will we achieve greater professionalism and efficiency in the educational project for which we are strongly committed.

Partners searched

Countries: Mainly (but not exclusively) Portugal, Ireland, U.K., France, Italy and Poland 


Museums, other cultural centres and institutions, Universities, textile companies involves in sustainability programs and eco. products, etc.


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