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This funding opportunity supports publishers and publishing houses and enables the translation of literary work from one European language to another. The fund aims to support cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe, promote the transnational circulation of high quality literary works, as well as to improve access to these literary works so that they can reach new audiences. 

Eligible costs include the translation, production and promotion of European fiction, including novels, short stories, children's fiction, comics/graphic novels, poetry and plays. Under-represented genres are particularly favoured. 

The translation of books for which the authors have won the EU Prize for Literature is particularly encouraged. Full backlist viewable:  

You can apply with the following conditions:

A publisher/publishing group can apply for support for a project involving the translation, production and promotion of 3-10 fiction works

A publisher/publishing group can apply for a grant of up to €100,000 (maximum 50% of the eligible costs)

The project must be delivered over a maximum of 2 years

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June 2020
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