Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital

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Funding is provided for projects that include "audiovisual and new digital technology" for museums, live events and / or cultural heritage. Specifically, the call specifies projects that succeed in bridging cultural and audiovisual content through digitisation. Support is given to projects that:

feature new forms of creation at the cross roads between different cultural and creative sectors, including the audiovisual sector, and through the use of innovative technologies, including virtual reality,


foster innovative cross sectoral approaches and tools to facilitate access, distribution, promotion and/or monetisation of culture and creativity, including cultural heritage. 

The focus is on the following aspects:

a problem solving approach, addressing challenges for the cultural and creative sectors;

the importance of audiences and the user experience in scoping the problem;

technology as an enabler in addressing key problems, rather than as an objective on its own;

innovation in regards to the creation, distribution and promotion of creative content, addressing cross-sectoral collaboration as well as the use of enabling technologies

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